Mark Hernandez, Ph.D.

Mark Hernandez, PhD is a full professor on the faculty at the University of Colorado. He received all his degrees and did a post-doctoral tenure in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of California at Berkeley. After several years of civil engineering practice, he joined the University of Colorado faculty in 1996. Dr. Hernandez is a registered professional engineer, and an expert on the quantitation and remediation of bioaerosols; a generation of his research lies in characterizing the biological aspects of air pollution – both indoors and out. Dr. Hernandez’s research group is based in an environmental microbiology laboratory, which houses the largest bioaerosol chamber in the United States, with full environmental controls. Since it’s commissioning, this laboratory has been active in aerobiology research supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health (CDC/NIOSH), the US EPA and various private and public companies.

Dr. Hernandez also organized and hosted five conferences in the past five years on the “Microbiology of the Built Environment”, at these conferences the most recent research on the microbiome of indoor environments is presented and discussed. He has also done much of the research behind the Instascope instrument which uses biofluorescence and laser particle counting to differentiate between types of particles in indoor environments in real time. Dr. Hernandez was a recent recipient of a Lindbergh Foundation Environmental award and a National Science Foundation’s Early Career award for bioaerosol research.

Mark Hernandez, PhD has joined IAQ Radio for two interviews over the 1.5 years. The first one was with a group of people working on the Instascope project Episode: 405 on 3-11-2016 and the second was a solo interview on the Microbiology of Normal and Water Damaged Buildings Episode: 425 on 8-5-2016.  For this year’s Keynote Presentation we will be taking a look at the Past, Present and Future of IAQ sampling and diagnostics with Dr. Hernandez.