John Lapotaire

Lydia, together with her husband John, have owned and operated Orlando Florida based Indoor Air Quality Solutions since 2001. Lydia and John are Indoor Environment Consultants specializing in indoor air quality assessments, forensic water intrusion investigations, mold & odor investigations, and building envelope failure investigations for commercial and residential properties. Lydia is a member of the Central Florida IAQA Chapter Board of Directors. John currently serving as the IAQA Immediate Past President. Lydia and John are Florida Licensed Mold Assessors and Certified Indoor Environmental Consultants CIEC’s. Lydia and John have performed investigations, and forensic diagnostic inspections throughout the mid-West and Eastern United States for both commercial and residential properties.

John has served as an expert witness in court cases involving indoor air quality, mold, building envelope failure, building product failure and spray polyurethane foam insulation. He has provided consultation and or testimony in several hundred litigation cases Lydia and John are committed industry volunteers. Their industry involvement includes participation in the following standard writing committees.

  • ASTM Technical Committee D22 on Air Quality,
    • Committee for Evaluating Residential Indoor Air Quality Concerns,
    • Committee Developing and Performing a Sampling Strategy to Collect Meaningful Data during the Assessment of Fungal Growth in Buildings
    • Committee developing a minimum standard of practice for a good quality control verification of fungal remediation. Aka, Post Remediation Verification
    • 2210P/Initial Residential Mold Assessment Standard
    • 3210P/Standard Guide for the Inspection of an Educational Facility for Moisture Intrusion and Mold Growth
    • 6000P/Standards for Fire Damage Restoration