Carl Grimes

Carl Grimes has personal experience with the complaints and illnesses caused or exacerbated by exposure to indoor contaminants. He was disabled 20 years ago for two years. Since 1987 he has consulted with experts and assisted severely impacted individuals. This experience generated valuable information about how to identify and solve indoor complaints that exposure-based and regulatory-compliance disciplines often miss. His methods and techniques for resolving these issues have been presented locally, regionally and nationally to a diverse audience including medical doctors, interior designers, damage restoration specialists, contractors, architects, engineers, insurance adjusters, IEQ consultants and household managers.

He has successfully solved difficult IEQ complaints by working directly with building occupants, managers, owners and maintenance companies, schools, homeowners, remediation companies, insurance adjusters, landlords, medical doctors, health care providers and attorneys. He is the author of the book Starting Points for a Healthy Habitat, a featured editorial page columnist for Indoor Environment Connections, board member and Procedural Development Chair of IESO, Vice President of IAQA and participant of multiple industry committees developing national consensus standards. In 2007 he earned the American Indoor Air Quality Council certification of Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant (CIEC) – independently accredited by CESB. National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) training in 2008 resulting in the Healthy Home Specialist (HHS) certification from the National Environmental Health Association(NEHA) in September, 2009.President of the Indoor Air Quality Association, March, 2010 to August, 2012. Vice President – Practice of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ)