Since 2014 the IAQ Training Institute, LLC has been sponsoring research on how the use of different engineering controls affects IEQ parameters. In 2014-2016 we set up hotel rooms using engineering controls commonly used on indoor environmental contracting projects. The attendees at our mold remediation courses set up 3-4 rooms as follows: negative pressure only, scrubbing only, negative pressure and scrubbing and a control room. Our Indoor Environmentalist course attendees assess IEQ parameters before, during and after setting up and running the engineering controls in each room. In 2016 we added a positive pressure room and we increased the number and types of environmental diagnostics being assessed.

In 2017 we will continue with this research and plan to add a new type of air filtration device that captures air from 360 degrees. We are also going to assess several engineering control methods used prior to a Post Remediation Verification. Does misting with a surfactant help with PRV? What about fogging with a wetting agent or antimicrobial? Does breaking up air stratification with a cat tail work better than the other methods being uses? Last year we added long term particle counting with five calibrated “Particles Plus” 6 Channel Laser Particle counters. We will also added the use of the Instascope inspection product and several other methods for both assessment and PRV preparation. A power point on last year’s research is available below..