Dave Mason

David Mason is the Senior Consultant, and President of Atlantic Restoration Services, providing disaster recovery services across the United States. Atlantic offers complete building and contents de-contamination services, and repairs property damage, and has Command Centers, warehouse facilities along with contents processing plants in Atlanta Georgia and West Palm Beach Florida. Mr. Mason is a consultant for forensic building investigations, litigation support and for property damage restoration, and is a qualified professional for arbitration, subrogation, appraisals and court proceedings. He holds the RIA CR, WLS and CMP certifications along with the ACAC CIEC certification. Mason has spoken internationally on restoration and microbial remediation topics regarding the use of engineering controls and containment for mold and other remediation projects.
Mr. Mason has grown what was a tree cutting service into a full service restoration company with offices in Atlanta and West Palm Beach offering nation-wide service for specialty cleaning, restoration, drying and remedial services for disaster recovery to hurricane impacted regions. His business evolution leads to his pioneering work and the development of the Saniclean process. Mr. Mason has worked within the industry to volunteer his time with non-profit associations such as RIA and IAQA which has led to engaging people that have a wide range of medically related issues and affiliations that required a detailed and meticulous cleaning process. Through his interaction with allergists, Occupational Medicine MD’s and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP’s) he built a reputation that expanded beyond his core markets in Georgia and Florida. The Saniclean process assures a healthful, hygienic indoor environment with exceptional indoor air quality. SANICLEANING focuses on the REMOVAL of contaminants, NOT the application of chemicals.