Nate Adams

Nate Adams is the founder of Energy Smart Home Performance outside Cleveland Ohio. Energy Smart started out as an insulation contractor for existing homes, but has evolved into doing Comprehensive Home Performance retrofits. Their projects are somewhere between a simple attic insulation job and a deep energy retrofit. These projects are sweeping in scope with thorough planning process and careful attention paid to what problems the client wants to solve, what the house needs, and what fits within the homeowner budget. No two projects are alike. Through substantial air tightness and insulation upgrades, and sometimes HVAC replacement, homes are made far more comfortable.

Nate became concerned that they weren’t always far more healthy. Over the last three years he has dug into how his work affects the Indoor Air Quality of client homes and is beginning to draw some conclusions. He has recently completed a comparison of seven new or newer consumer grade Indoor Air Quality testing devices, and has found several of them useful in his practice. They are particularly useful for before and after studies as well as continuous optimization, which is making small adjustments to deliver better comfort and healthier conditions for clients.