Sarah Haines

Sarah Haines is a PhD student studying Environmental Science at The Ohio State University with a B.S in Environmental Engineering and an M.S. in Environmental Science. Sarah studies fungal growth in carpet dust in the indoor environment. Her previous work has included a study looking into phthalate degradation in floor dust  as well as a project researching microbes in varying particles sizes of dust taken from the International Space Station. Her current research focuses on chemical and fungal interactions in building materials incubated at different moisture conditions. This research aims to bridge the gap between our understanding of how microbes and chemicals interact in the indoor environment. Much of her background is related to fungal growth in homes and materials, researching the impacts of moisture on this growth. Sarah has expertise in understanding moisture in the indoor environment and the implications it may have on fungal growth and human exposures. She has received the Best Graduate Student Platform Presentation Award at the Ohio Valley Convention SETAC Regional Meeting as well as the 2017 NCSE Undergraduate Poster Forum Award.